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Would you like to make free calls from your smartphone or PC? With FreeCall, you can talk as much as you like with anyone, anywhere in the world, using either your WiFi/3G connection or your local minutes. It's super easy to get started since you can call your friend's normal phone numbers just like you are used to. Download an app and try it today ˇV It's Free!

Make a free international call with FreeCall

FreeCall offers a unique free calling service that can be used from any phone. It doesnˇ¦t matter if you have a smartphone, landline or feature phone, you can still make free calls! By joining our FreeCall service, you can enjoy unlimited calling not only international calls but also your local calls ... It is Free!

Buyer's Guide to VoIP Phone Service and VoIP Providers

If you are not sure where to start then follow our guide to finding the right service:

  1. For common questions on Voice over IP, get answers by reviewing the what is VoIP guide and FAQ pages. 
  2. Run the VoIP Internet speed test to evaluate your data connection and identify if additional bandwidth may be necessary. Poor sound quality is usually a result of insufficient bandwidth on the data connection. Modern day high-speed internet connections are much faster and more reliable so this is rarely a problem but good practice to verify before ordering none the less.
  3. Before choosing a service provider for your business or a home phone service for your residence, it is critical that every potential buyer check out at least 3 to 5 different provider options as pricing, features and support can differ greatly. Use our Prices, Network Coverage. FAQ, & Free Trial to make your decision.
  4. For Businesses only: we can facilitate the quoting process saving you time and money. After submitting a free quote request with one simple form, your requirements will be matched to industry leading VoIP service providers.

Cheap VoIP phone service can save over $500 per year on your home phone bill when compared with a traditional home phone service. Pricing for businesses typically start at around $20 to $25 per month per user seat with final pricing depending on total number of seats required. This translates to more than 50% in savings on phone bills for a typical small business.

VoIP is simple. You pay a lot less to get a lot more. It is the technology of the future and the future is now. Follow our guide above and make the switch to lower phone bills.

International and Mobile VoIP Service Providers

  • For visitors interested in determining the best solution - Our calling plan covers 40+ countries includes Philippines, India, Indonesia ... etc for one price.
  • Voice over IP is now available for your cell phone with Mobile VoIP. Make cheap or free local and international calls from your cell phone by leveraging the benefits of internet telephony.

There are hundreds of providers in the USA and Canada offering residential and business service. This creates lots of good healthy competition for new customers. Although this drives lots of special deals and incentives, it can be a nightmare to determine which service is the best option to fit the needs of your business. We help you with this important decision by offering our comprehensive resources that are available entirely free of charge.