Our VoIP products enable you to make phone calls to other landlines and mobiles using your existing high-speed Internet and home phone handset.

Our VoIP works over your Internet

It routes your phone calls over your existing Internet rather than through a traditional telephone line. But even though your phone uses the Internet, it has nothing to do with your computer. In fact, your PC or Laptop doesn't even need to be switched on to use our products. The people you call don't need our products or an Internet connection. All they need is a regular phone.

Requirements for using Vonage

  • A high-speed Internet connection whether cable broadband or DSL broadband
  • A regular home phone or landline handset
  • A shipping address (no PO boxes)
  • Our VoIP phone adapter - the device that connects your broadband to your phone

Multiple phones on one VoIP line

Cordless phone system

Some cordless phone systems come with base units and the option for extra handsets. The base station of the cordless telephone plugs directly into our  phone adapter. The multiple handsets can then be placed anywhere in your house. The only limitation to the number of handsets you have, depends on the number of handsets your unit supports.

Home wiring

Use your existing home telephone wiring to route our VoIP service throughout your house to your existing telephone jacks.

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