12 -In the event of any legal action by FreeCall-Phone to recover unbilled yearly payment, Customer hereby agrees to indemnify FreeCall-Phone for any and all costs, including but limited to reasonable legal fees.

13 -FreeCall-Phone is not responsible for any unauthorized third-party use of Customer's account.

14 - FreeCall-Phone is not responsible for any charges from Customer's regular phone service provider in the event that Customer's regular phone service provider bills Customer for incoming calls in the course his/her using FreeCall-Phone service.

15 -Customer acknowledges that if he/she breaches the Terms of Service, FreeCall-Phone unconditionally reserves the right to close his/her account without refunding the fund balance on his/her account with FreeCall-Phone.

16 -Customer acknowledges that free credits for service may be revoked for any reason if FreeCall-Phone sees fit to do so.

17 -Customer agrees not to use FreeCall-Phone service for calls originating in the USA or for any illegal purpose, including but not limited to prank phone calls or fraud.

18 -Customer acknowledges that FreeCall-Phone will release his/her record of service to any public law enforcement agency upon request.

19 -Customer acknowledges that in the event that his regular phone service/internet service provider does not bill him/her for any call, he/she alone is responsible for alerting his/her regular phone service provider to this omission.

20 -Customer acknowledges that all credit card charges to his/her FreeCall-Phone account are non-refundable, and can only be made towards FreeCall-Phone service credit.

21 -Customer acknowledges that all FreeCall-Phone service credit expires 12 months after it was first charged to his/her account.

22 -Customer acknowledges that FreeCall-Phone has the right to cancel service at any time.

23-Customer acknowledges if he/she is discovered to have signed up more than one free account, FreeCall-Phone reserves the right to block Customer's service, charge Customer retroactively, and cancel Customer's account.

24-Nettphone rates are listed without taxes.

25-Customers acknowledges that he/she is responsible to obtain a license/permit to use FreeCall-Phone services in his/her country if required and FreeCall-Phone will not be responsible for any form of license/permit violation by any customers who uses FreeCall-Phone services within and outside the USA to originate/receive phone calls

Option #3