USB VoIP Phone Dongle

Our USB VOIP Phone is a plug and play device that allow users
to make unlimited free phone calls to any of our worldwide
network members or you can choose a yearly or 6 months subscription to make unlimited phone call to any phone users within our worldwide network coverage by connecting our plug and play USB VOIP device into your laptop USB port. It only supports any standard router (DHCP) to access internet. It will perform "Plug and Call" feature without any setting. It is NOT only for home user but also compatible for most of PABX exchangers to support multi-users in small Business.

Both Cell Phone and PSTN landline Phone are available for the following countries:
North America: USA / Canada
Asia: china / Hong Kong / Singapore / Malaysia / Thailand / India Indonesia / Plus > [Vietnam / Philippine/ Pakistan / Maldives / Sri Lanka / Bangladesh (with a special plan offered).

Other countries and cities for PSTN landline phone in the World such as:

Asia: Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Australia (sub-charge for cell phone Connection Available)
Euro: England (U.K.), France, New Zealand, Denmark Germany, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Russia, Romania, Kazakhstan, Austria, Irish, San Marino, Poland, Hungary, Switzerland, Greece, Luxembourg, Belgium, Norway

Middle East: Cyprus, Israel, / [DUBAI - SAUDI ARABTA - YEMEN - BEIRUT - IRAN - IRAQ - KUWAIT - KAJTSTAN - Egypt (with a special plan offered)]
South America: Colombia, Mexico, Argentina (Buenos Aires), Brazil, Venezuela, Puerto-Rico,


***this IPbox support both PSTN land line and internet connection. Anyone can call your land line phone no. With your ordinary ringing. Just pick-up and hand up the phone as normal for conversation.

*** If anyone who can surf in the internet with a router at home or office, he also is able to make all free toll calls to 40 countries in the World any time, anywhere. If want to call through the land line, just press ��*�� to switch for a traditional call.

*** Plug & Call! No any installation required! (Only for Standard DHCP router user) No computer required. Just simply plug-in Power and Cat-5 Cable to your existing internet Connection from a standard DHCP router and wait for less than 10 seconds since the first time usage. The intelligent CPU in the box and smart server on the web will do everything for you to complete the system logon and subscription.....Once you see the REG light become stable, you can make a call now!

NB : Please contact our sales team for more information .

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