VoIP Gateway Box

IPcall-Box is a good idea to combine your home landline and VoIp internet accessing to be integrated. It should be ideal for users who would wish to use their existing corded or cordless; DECT or any kind of home phones to be available for both local land line and FREECALL-phone operation. It means you can connect your local phone line and the internet cable to this IPcall-box together and then, plug your home phone into the phone jack on the rear of IPcall-box. Now your home or office based telephone become an amazing device. You can make and receive calls from either land Line or other FREECALL phones in all over the world at any time, any place. The home phone wills supports all features what it did as without the IPcall-box. When you want to dial, the FREECALL channel will be reserved for you. AII calls to oversea or local are free in this case. But, you can select your land line channel by pressing.
��*�� key to make a call for local or long distance in case the country is-out of our cover list. The telephone will always stand by to receive calls from the landline.


Both Cell Phone and PSTN landline Phone are available for the following countries:
North America: USA / Canada
Asia: china / Hong Kong / Singapore / Malaysia / Thailand / India Indonesia / Plus > [Vietnam / Philippine/ Pakistan / Maldives / Sri Lanka / Bangladesh (with a special plan offered).

Other countries and cities for PSTN landline phone in the World such as:

Asia: Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Australia (sub-charge for cell phone Connection Available)
Euro: England (U.K.), France, New Zealand, Denmark Germany, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Russia, Romania, Kazakhstan, Austria, Irish, San Marino, Poland, Hungary, Switzerland, Greece, Luxembourg, Belgium, Norway,

Middle East: Cyprus, Israel, / [DUBAI - SAUDI ARABTA - YEMEN - BEIRUT - IRAN - IRAQ - KUWAIT - KAJTSTAN - Egypt (with a special plan offered)]
South America: Colombia, Mexico, Argentina (Buenos Aires), Brazil, Venezuela, Puerto-Rico,
Africa: [ South Africa (with a special plan offered)]
More countries will be added into the list monthly. Please bookmark the link for update the information from our website


*** simply Dial with a Simple Way like you are calling every day: For IP calling, A dial rule is quite simple for everyone's custom. Just always add "900' before Country code + Area code + PSTN Iand line No. for Home phones; Also, add "900" before Country code + Cell (Mobile) phone No. for most of cell phones listed in the coverage countries of the �*� world. For the land line calling, press�*� key firstly and then press the desired number as usual.

*** Get an incoming call either from other IPbox or IPcall-models series as well as from the land line automatically. It support caller ID display function. There is an unique S/N No printed on back of each device which is defined as your phone number. Dial this no of your friends who own the same IPbox or IPcall series in the world for free without country limit.

**** Guarantee: We are the manufacturer who made this IPbox device with more than 20 years in Telecommunication field. We promise that all of the IPbox series will be provided life time guarantee subject to any defective unit without a human made destroy. Call us for the support when you need.

NB : Please contact our sales team for more information .

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